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We developed a suite of wealth management products with a view to enable a secure financial future for you and your family. Our first-rate bank-backed solutions address not only current market conditions but also capture opportunities for growth.


In order to ensure your total wealth is future-proof we provide you support in key areas with our cutting-edge specialists. Ranging from investment, real estate, succession planning, wealth structuring and pension planning, we have your back.

Our protect and grow strategy is designed to produce positive real returns over the cycle while protecting assets on the downside. We diversify your portfolio among different investment strategies as opposed to the traditional asset class diversification approach.

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Special expertise and portfolio context for your crypto investments – we are your private bank for both digital and traditional assets. This enables you to get a holistic wealth view on all your assets in one place.

Invest in the digital assets you are interested in!

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Explore with us the magic about private markets. Get access to private market investments which offer a degree of diversification, as they are not subject to the same market forces and volatility as publicly traded securities. 

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Comprehensive services regarding the entire family, wealth and beyond - all what you need from a family office.

  • Effective family governance instruments to set shared values and roles for all family members
  • Complete day-to-day management of all wealth and asset-related activities
  • Concierge services, school finder, longevity specials, connecting to like-minded networks

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… Combined with Collective Intelligence

The smartest way by servicing together

Our smart way to serve is to collaborate with the best because we want to be able to provide individually tailored solutions, and to inspire our clients for new and exciting ideas.
We work with our partners to redefine banking and to turn it in to an intelligent platform for sustaining, protecting, and growing our client’s wealth.
Our extensive network makes it possible for us to develop individual solutions and offer a wide range of innovative services without a conflict of interest.
We are constantly searching for the most suitable partners to collaborate with in areas where we see opportunities of growth for our clients.

Diem Client Partners

Income-oriented investment strategies are implemented on a tailor-made basis for selected clients. By focusing on regular returns, Diem Client Partner has been able to cushion market corrections for over 15 years and achieve the target returns with a high reliability. Link


1291 Group

1291 Group is one of the world's leading independent financial services providers, offering customised and tax-compliant asset protection plans to individuals and investment professionals. It is licensed in 35 countries, works with over 40 insurance carriers and offers tax-compliant solutions. Link


Saffery Champness

Saffery Champness is a top-class independent fiduciary services provider focussing on finding the right solutions for our clients’ succession planning and asset protection needs. Each client is offered a tailor-made solution and serviced by top quality Swiss-based fiduciary specialists. Link


Verve Ventures

Venture is an early-stage venture capital company investing in software, hardware and health companies across Europe. They support startups from the seed stage onward. Venture has earned a reputation as an innovative, reliable, and experienced business partner. Link



DAPM's mission is to provide their clients with unparalleled transparency, control and oversight of their global assets. They strive to be the world’s best financial consolidation and monitoring service. Link



Orca is a Swiss software & services company. They are experts in aggregating, organising and sharing key information about complex legal structures. Link


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