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Family Office in a Box

Comprehensive services regarding family, wealth and beyond - all what you need from a family office.

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Effective family governance instruments to set shared values and roles for all family members.



Complete day-to-day management of all wealth- and asset-related activities.



Concierge services, school finder, longevity specials, connecting to like-minded networks. 


Our Offering Highlights

Family Governance Framework

Effective family governance instruments to set shared values to balance your preferences and ideals with your goals and objectives.

  • Family Charter
  • Family Council
  • Estate Planning

Consolidated Reporting

Full transparency across all your bankable and non-bankable assets, through consolidated reporting with tailored analytics features.

  • No need for physical concentration of all your wealth at one place.
  • Unparalleled transparency, control and oversight of your global assets.
  • Data security & confidentiality are highest priority.
  • Operated by financial analysts that have expertise and training in all areas of investment finance.

Overlay Risk Management

Cost-effective downside protection tailored to your needs and risk budget, embedded in overall investment process.

  • Systematic risk control and disciplined risk reduction managed centrally
  • Implementation with futures and forwards
  • Reduction of large losses and tail risks
  • Underlying portfolios can be managed by multiple managers

CIO Investment Committee

A joint investment committee led by our CIO, decision making body with your selected family members.


Private & Philanthropy Services

Concierge services, find school, longevity ... or something else you need?


Business & Networking Services

We simplify your daily collaboration with advisors, investment managers and connect you with peers.

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In addition, preferential access to the entire investment, financing, advisory and banking suite of Kaleido, including access to private markets, digital assets, lending capabilities, and transactional services.
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Rolf Bauer

Let Kaleido be your 'family office in a box'!

As trusted advisors, wealth experts and forward thinkers, Kaleido is designing the entire family office relationship around the uniqueness of each family - with meaningful services for today, tomorrow and future generations.


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