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3 min read

How to create a successful wealth plan

Wealth planning means managing an individual's or family's financial affairs to achieve long-term financial goals. When...

2 min read

How to protect against inflation

Inflation is a situation where the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy increases over time,...

3 min read

Family Governance Advice

For nearly every wealthy family, at one stage there is a reflection point whether the family setup is in proper shape...

4 min read

The Bank of Japan – From Kuroda to Ueda

Governor Kuroda will chair his final monetary meeting on March 9 - 10, before his term ends on April. Kazuo Ueda will...

5 min read

Planting Coins: Fifth report

Management Summary 

  • Our crypto garden portfolio has now been invested for 120 days and has achieved a return of 26.7%. 
3 min read

Data-driven banking: How Kaleido uses data to enhance operations

The use of data by businesses, including the banking industry, has grown significantly over the last decade. The growth...

4 min read

The 60/40 portfolio in 2022: a setback for the oldest investment strategy

One of the oldest investment strategies is the 60/40 portfolio, a mix of 60 % stocks and 40 % bonds. The point of this...

12 min read

Planting Coins: fourth report (and Lombard loans)

Management Summary 

  • Today's focus is on the significant price recovery of cryptocurrencies in January and its impact...
4 min read

A year of growth: Thanks to our clients for choosing Kaleido

Last year was a year of innovation, growth, and learning. We shifted our focus from radical transformations to...

3 min read

A year of innovation: We are determined to become better every day

As we begin the new year, we want to take a moment to reflect on the past year and share our achievements and successes...

17 min read

Planting Coins: Our crypto portfolio - third report (and staking)

Management Summary

  • Today's focus is on staking - the process of holding onto a cryptocurrency to support the operation...
9 min read

Planting Coins: Our crypto portfolio - second report (and strategies)

Management Summary

  • Today's focus is on various portfolio construction strategies: lump-sum investment, market timing,...
3 min read

Planting Coins: the first report from our crypto portfolio

Management Summary

  • The crypto investing series starts under adverse market conditions.
  • Our investment strategy was...
5 min read

Planting Coins: Our investing series - framework & strategy

We are in the midst of a crypto winter, and it is not the first since the launch of Bitcoin in 2008. Blockchain...

6 min read

Energy Strategy in the Western World: from Jimmy Carter to Robert Habeck

"I call for the greatest peacetime commitment of funds and resources in our nation's history to develop America's own...

7 min read

The upcoming Ethereum Merge and ways to profit

The Ethereum blockchain is about to undergo arguably the most significant upgrade in the chain's roughly eight-year...

6 min read

Don't be your own bank

Economies thrive on growth, which is achieved sustainably through increases in productivity. Work that was once carried...

4 min read

Kaleido Privatbank relies on InCore Bank's Digital Asset Services

The close cooperation with InCore Bank is being further expanded: Kaleido now also relies on InCore Bank's Digital...


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