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Our Approach

High agility, flexibility and compliance for modern banking.

We are Kaleido AND shape the private banking industry where the rules are ever-changing


The name Kaleido comes from the idea of a kaleidoscope and it reflects how we see our clients: Every time we turn the kaleidoscope a new picture appears. We twist the kaleidoscope for each of our clients until we have understood each facete that is important to them. We combine banking know-how, technology, and network expertise to create the most coherent overall picture for each individual client.


Agility is key

The private banking industry is constantly transforming, adopting to the world around us. There is a constant inflow of new trends, technology, regulation, and external and macroeconomic factors. In this ever-changing industry agility is the key to keep up to date.

Private banking requires agility and adaptability to deal with each complex needs that are different for all our clients. We are flexible and fast in providing tailored offerings to our clients, also in non-financial matters. 


Offering flexibility  

We want our clients to be able to move things ahead - therefore we will help them in finding a solution that best suits their individual needs. We strive to enable specific solutions considering our client’s own values, interests and ideas. In this way we combine individual focus with optimal performance and maximum efficiency. Although standard solutions can also be individual, we know that they cannot always cover all individual requirements. 


Compliance at its best  

Banking is a highly regulated industry for good reasons. And we keep the highest compliance standards up tight - we have zero tolerance for not adhering to laws, regulations, and policies that apply to the banking industry. Compliance is a critical function for us and is essential for ensuring that we operate in a safe and transparent manner and protect the interests of our customers.

However, we believe compliance matters don't need to be "painful", but can be easy, fast and conveniently delivered. We have the tools to make compliance a seamless experience. This attitude sets us apart from other banks. 



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