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Entdecken Sie unsere aktuellen Artikel und Beiträge..

4 min read

Family Office in a Box: The candy for wealthy families

Managing wealth can swiftly transform into a complex and delicate endeavor, irrespective...

7 min read

The Dawn of a New Era: Investing in the Revolution of Longevity and Healthy Aging

Join the adventure of a lifetime in the world of healthy aging and longevity investments!

6 min read

Planting Coins: Seventh Report

Management Summary

  • In April, the sideways phase of the portfolio continued despite...
2 min read

What Our Brand Name Signifies: Uncovering The Truth Behind Kaleido

The name of a company matters. Precisely like meeting a new person, the name of a...

3 min read

What Kaleido Private Banking Stands for

Private Banking is a Trust Business

Kaleido Private Bank focuses on maintaining an...

6 min read

Planting Coins: Sixth Report

Management Summary 

  • After a great start into 2023, our Crypto Garden portfolio is...
6 min read

Digital Assets as a Portfolio Addition

The idea of portfolio diversification may seem obvious at first glance. Instead of...

3 min read

How to create a successful wealth plan

Wealth planning means managing an individual's or family's financial affairs to achieve...

2 min read

How to protect against inflation

Inflation is a situation where the general level of prices of goods and services in an...

3 min read

Family Governance Advice

For nearly every wealthy family, at one stage there is a reflection point whether the...

4 min read

The Bank of Japan – From Kuroda to Ueda

Governor Kuroda will chair his final monetary meeting on March 9 - 10, before his term...

5 min read

Planting Coins: Fifth report

Management Summary 

  • Our crypto garden portfolio has now been invested for 120 days and...
3 min read

Data-driven banking: How Kaleido uses data to enhance operations

The use of data by businesses, including the banking industry, has grown significantly...

4 min read

The 60/40 portfolio in 2022: presenting a setback investment strategy

One of the oldest investment strategies is the 60/40 portfolio, a mix of 60 % stocks and...

12 min read

Planting Coins: fourth report (and Lombard loans)

Management Summary 

  • Today's focus is on the significant price recovery of...
4 min read

A year of growth: Thanks to our clients for choosing Kaleido

Last year was a year of innovation, growth, and learning. We shifted our focus from...

3 min read

A year of innovation: We aim at becoming better every day

As we begin the new year, we want to take a moment to reflect on the past year and share...

17 min read

Planting Coins: Our crypto portfolio - third report (and staking)

Management Summary

  • Today's focus is on staking - the process of holding onto a...

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