Added value by using collective intelligence

Our goal is to connect the best with the best through our extensive network, which enables us to develop individual solutions for our customers.

Diem Client Partners

Diem Client Partner is a successful asset management boutique based in the heart of Zurich. Income-oriented investment strategies are implemented on a tailor-made basis for selected clients. By focusing on regular returns, Diem Client Partner has been able to cushion market corrections for over 15 years and achieve the target returns of its international clientele with a higher reliability.

1291 Group

1291 Group is one of the world's leading independent financial services providers, offering customised and tax compliant asset protection plans to individuals and investment professionals. It is licensed in 35 countries, works with over 40 insurance carriers and offers tax compliant solutions.

Petiole Asset Management

With long-term experience in the finance industry managing more than $2bn of alternative assets, Petiole Asset Management truly lives up to its mission: making private markets accessible. Petiole is a regulated asset manager specialized in tailored solutions focused on private equity, real estate as well as private debt transactions. Petiole leverages cutting-edge technology to achieve attractive investment results for its clients.

Saffery Champness

Saffery Champness is a top class independent fiduciary services provider focussing on finding the right solutions for our clients’ succession planning and asset protection needs. Each client is offered a tailor made solution and serviced by top quality Swiss based fiduciary specialists while being part of the larger Saffery Champness group of companies.


DAPM's Mission is to provide their clients with unparalleled transparency, control and oversight of their global assets. They strive to be the world’s best financial consolidation and monitoring service.


UMushroom is an investment selection platform - an easy and exciting solution to take investment decisions based on carefully tailored information and knowledge of the community and our partners.


Orca is a Swiss software & services company. They are experts in aggregating, organising and sharing key information about complex legal structures.