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Build smart portfolios with our special investment strategies and the core-satellite approach. Combine solid core investments with flexible satellite building blocks.

The approach: Core-Satellite

Our special investment strategy combines optimal performance, maximum efficiency and individual focus. The basis is formed by innovative core investments in the traditional asset classes, supplemented by various niche products and funds. In this way, the portfolio can be ideally tailored to your own interests, values and ideas.

The core: solid and efficient

Core investments form the foundation of a robust portfolio. The aim is to offer stable long-term earnings opportunities. Together with our investment partner, we leverage an innovative mix of equities and bonds. 

The satellites: specialized and individual

Through satellite investments, your individual values find a place in your portfolio. In addition, satellites can positively influence your return within your risk class.

The alternative: differentiated and innovative

We are the bank for qualified investors who want to build a diversified portfolio of alternative private investments, be it in private equity, private debt or private real estate. In addition, we offer individual co-investment opportunities to invest together with like-minded families and entrepreneurs.

The innovation: successful and risk reduce

By smartly merging complex investment strategies, we create unique solutions that combine regular returns, reduced risk and short-term capital availability. 

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