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Asset Structuring

Secure and manage your assets - today and for the next generation. In a holistic approach, we implement customized structures in line with your requirements. To do this, we establish a clear overview of your financial situation, jointly create detailed plans and put these plans into action.

Overview and clarity

Together with our technology partners, we create an overview - even in the most complex financial structures. This enables you to make holistic decisions across all banking relationships and asset classes. In addition, you always keep an eye on costs and asset developments. Our digital platforms are based on state-of-the-art technology, security and data processing.


All assets at a glance. You've never seen your finances like this before: We create the clarity you need to provide you with the best possible advice.


We monitor your risks, costs and more. So you can act without any worries.


Through interactive analyses we identify potentials, which we can address together with you in a next step.

Strategy and Structure

Our experts understand how to combine your existing financial structures, requirements and personal goals into a coherent overall plan. We always follow a holistic approach and plan together with you for your future.   

Family Governance

As an independent boutique private bank with more than two decades of experience advising and connecting families around the globe, we are passionate about helping other families organize, protect and pass on their wealth to the next generation.

With the help of a global team of experts, we can help you develop and implement a customized strategy for your family.

Asset structuring

We develop your customized strategy for proper asset allocation depending on your risk tolerance, time horizon and return objectives.


Our specialized investment strategy, the "core-satellite approach" allows for optimal performance and individual focus while maintaining high efficiency. Combine solid core investments with flexible satellite building blocks.

Implementation and adaptation

The best strategy is worthless without the right implementation. Our experts bring your individual strategies to life and can draw on a variety of solutions from our network. Since circumstances and goals can change, we are always updating and improving strategies and implementations. You and your individual requirements always come first for us. 

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