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We believe in the future of digital assets, and we want to share it with you

Here to stay

We firmly believe that digital assets, crypto currencies, and other tokens will play an important role in the financial ecosystem of the future.

With our expertise and capabilities, we want to help you to safely make the most of this megatrend. Our goal is to make sure that it is possible for you to realize your interest in digital assets.

Whether you are an experienced crypto owner looking to increase your user experience, a complete beginner looking to diversify your portfolio, or a family office looking for a custody bank where you can book both your traditional and digital assets – you have come to the right place.

We have created a varied service offering for crypto beginners as well as seasoned expert investors.

Digital Assets

For investors 

Digital assets custody


Delegate the responsibility and secure storage of your private key to us. Keep the digital assets in your name, but the key with us - a licensed Swiss bank full of knowledge and experience. 

Digital assets trading


We are happy to help you with a convenient rebalance between digital assets, fiat currencies, or other assets. 



Digital assets staking


Take advantage of the ability to stake certain coins and earn rewards on an ongoing basis.



Digital assets lending


Are you a long-term Hodler and need cash in the meantime? Get a loan against deposit of your coins.


For crypto companies

Digital assets Financing

Corporate Accounts

Do you need a bank account for your blockchain business to pay your bills and wages and save up a treasury with cryptos? We are blockchain-friendly!





Digital assets corporate accounts


Does your blockchain company need fresh capital? We can help you with a KYC and AML compliant funding round.





Digital assets tokenization


Do you need tokenization support? With our many years of experience and our network, we are ready to advise you.










Your digital assets bank for expertise 

Expertise throughout your whole investment process

Knowledge about digital assets is the foundation for success in investing, and we want to share our expertise with you.

Are you interested in investing in crypto and want to figure out if this could be something for you? Or do you already own digital assets and are looking for someone who knows the processes of converting them back to fiat? No matter where you are in your investment process, we are here to help in all matters relating to digital assets. 



Markus Abbassi

Head of Digital Assets

Your digital assets bank for security

Your assets are safe with us

We know that the feeling of security is important, that is why we are making sure that our clients' digital assets – just like any other investments – are stored in a secure way.

Keeping your private key with you, in a place where you need to pay attention to it is probably not how your digital assets are stored in the most secure way. Keeping your digital assets with us is a smart way to safely and comfortably delegate the responsibility to us yet keeping your digital assets in your own name.

Digital assets security

Your digital assets bank for convenience

We have made it easy for you 

Invest in the assets you are interested in! Maybe your interest is only in digital assets, or maybe you have digital assets in a mixed portfolio – we are your private bank for both digital- and traditional assets. This enables you to get a holistic wealth view on all your assets in one place. 

Investing in digital assets only?

We will be your one place solution to not having to deal with the individual aspects of different wallets and blockchains yourself.

Everything via your e-banking account

You can initiate transaction of digital as well as traditional assets directly via your e-banking account. You will have one and the same place for overview, statements, tax reports, and advise for all your asset classes.

Digital assets convenience

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