aWARDS 2021

Best Boutique Private Bank (Switzerland) 

London, 12th Februar 2021

Judge's Report

Kaleido Privat Bank Ltd is moving from a transactional banking towards boutique services for Central European and German-speaking regions. The bank is rebuilding itself, and the transformation — which would normally take around two years — will be condensed into a supercharged six-month timeline. Kaleido Privat Bank Ltd is headquartered in the heart of the financial hub in Zurich, where over a quarter of global private and institutional assets are managed. The bank will relocate to more spacious offices to accommodate teams of investment managers, financial intermediaries, compliance specialists and technology experts. It’s also bringing in a new team to spearhead the development of its German markets. As a part of the transformation process the bank also changed its name. Kaleido Privat Bank remains true to traditional Swiss banking principles of exceptional customer care, strong governance, and discretion. Kaleido Privat Bank understands the needs of high-net-worth individuals, wealthy families and entrepreneurs, and applies more than 25 years of expertise to customise solutions for them. It aims to become a global reference point for its affluent clientele, and has set new standards for transparency and discretion. Kaleido Privat Bank does not consider itself bound by quarterly results, but rather dedicated to its customers and its own integrity. It offers clients access to exclusive communities of like-minded souls and a network of global experts. The judging panel presents Kaleido Privat Bank Ltd with the 2021 award for Best Boutique Private Bank (Switzerland).