investment solutions

Our investment expertise combined with innovative solutions 

Our investment solutions combine recurring income, low risk & short-term capital availability. The unique combination of these three features allows you to profit from movements in the market while sleeping peacefully. 

The Challenge:  successful, low-risk investing

The facts - profitable investments with limited risk characteristics have become rare nowadays!

  • Capital in the bank account? Banks charge negative interest rates
  • Buy government bonds? Most of these papers have a negative return
  • Buy gold? Doesn't pay dividends or coupons and storage is expensive

 Our innovative investment solutions master this challenge by cleverly combining different investment strategies and asset classes.

The solution: combination of several defensive and liquid return sources

This structure has numerous advantages:

  • At any point in time, one or more sources of return should create value, even if others    are temporarily not 'functioning'
  • Reduced volatility through an improved draw-down pattern
  • Multidimensional diversification
  • Improved liquidity, should the capital be needed at short notice

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